Monday, July 19, 2010

CupCake Wars

As it is know to some and not know to a few, it is a fact that I love, just love, watching the Food network.
I like most things on there, like the Food network Challenges.  I like it when they make it the cake challenges the most, but I will watch all of them. Some new shows have arrived like Chef vs. City  and Cupcake Wars... Ok I thought it was dumb before but I am so loving it now. They have always have an event that they are trying to display their cupcakes. I was laughing because the episode I just saw( Which I have seen like a bunch of times) had four contestants( Well it's always four) and One of the contestants was like being a cupcake snob. I was like for real. Telling the other contestants that they dont' have good icing techiques and picking on the girl who make organic cupcakes and his little assistant being way too snobbish about some cupcakes. Guess what his cupcukes were the first to go. He mean cupcake man take

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