Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday after Graduation!!!

First was a spirited day of church. Tonetta had already left to teach Sunday school. That's my best friend, Lacacia and my little homie, Myesha.
Hey Girls!!!!!

Ok she did it up. This is tonetta's beautician she did Jill Scott justice. Let's Take a long walk after dark, find a spot for.....

Oh I have been a bad blogger. I miss my blogger anniversary and I have been gone for like 2 weeks with out a word. Well let me catch up. Leaving off from the second to last post. The Following Sunday after the fabulous graduation party me and some of my girls went to Tallahassee Nights Live. It was awesome. They sung several songs from the 70's to now. Ahhhhhh but they saved the 90"s music to the end. Ending on boys 2 men "End of the Road" Memories.

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