Thursday, November 19, 2009

Saturday Fair!

My sweetie decided that Saturday, Nov 14, was the day he would take me to the fair( I could have sworn he said Sunday, but it is all good) Since neither on of us get on any rides we just walked around. All I wanted was cotton candy, funnel cake, and a deep fried oreo. Can I say Deep Fried Oreos trump Funnel Cake anyday. Sure wish I didn't get that funnel cake. UMMMMMMM Good, but you Can't eat too many of them. Anyhow We did get on the Farris Weel, but that was about it. I had a good time ( well as good of a time you can have with getting on rides) So, so long fair, see you next year, God willing.The fair atmosphere Ummmm nice and cold,but smelled so... Fair

Me and my funnel cake love, but now I am all about the deep fried oreos ( sorry funnel cake... we had a good run)

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