Wednesday, September 9, 2009

That thing called Life

UMMMMM LIFE! I have been swamped lately. I haven't really sewn anything in like months and I still have projects that need to be finished. So I popped in to say hello and to show you some stuff I would like to do and some things that need to be finished. Tootles!
I really like these patterns. I want to have date night with my man but really do it up with something different but really haven't had a chance to start. Oh and Denver fabrics is having a sell. Bummer(no money) oh well!These are cute too! I will still make these along with some fall garments. It' Florida it's always summer here. ( so it seems) I love winter though. Can't wait for the cold ummmmmm snuggling. ( Sorry random thoughts)
I think this would look great for fall and summer and winter. tights and a pair of booties in the winter and nice shaved legs and sandles in the summer and stockings or legs with boots or open toes in the fall. yeyOh my goodness I have been working on this dress for like 5 months it seems. I have to put the zipper in but have been procrastinating and Jo anns is like really ugh. They never have zippers.
This is Simplicity 2692 the long version.
Here is my favorite Vogue 8425 in like a striped design. I just need to hem this and and put a zipper in it. I can not wait to wear it I think the fabric is nice and it has a great design.